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Oil suction and delivery hose Name:Oil suction and delivery hose

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Oil suction and delivery hose

Product description:

Brand name:MAXIANGDA

I.D :1/2"~16"


B.P: 0~60BAR


Surface: fabric,black

Tube: NBR compound,black.smooth

Reinforced: with fabric inserted,and steel wire

Cover: synthetic rubber compound

Temperature: -40℃+120℃

Package: trans.pvc film

Application: This hose is suitable for suction and discharge gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, heavy oil, engine oil and other industrial oil at normal temperature.

Features: The hose has the double properties of bearing both the positive and negative pressure, can be used normally under the pressure 60-80Kpa, no deformation, no delamination. Solid structure, good bending performance , has good adaptability to different environment.



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